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Lily Valley International Preschool is a non-profit organization committed to establishing and maintaining a warm, inclusive, and stimulating learning environment for children. Our philosophy and pedagogy is child centered and nurtures children’s potential and creativity by providing rich learning environments for exploration. We are a preschool that cultivates collaboration and participation in a diverse community with meaningful partnerships with children and our families.

Redefining Early Childhood Learning through Play

We look forward to redefining early childhood learning with innovation in curriculum and pedagogy, specially curated play spaces, ateliers and the environment as the third teacher for children. With a team of passionate educators, we design experiences which allow children to express their ideas creatively. We are also here to transform education into what is needed in today's digital age.

Our Classes

Our Classes
  • Toddlers


    In our toddler class, our educators focus on developing toddlers in different key developmental milestones such as self help skills, gross motor development and social…

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  • Nursery 1

    Nursery 1

    As the children from toddler class transit to Nursery 1, they will become more independent and begin to focus more on developing friendships with their peers. They will want to explore more and also ask questions about…

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  • Nursery 2

    Nursery 2

    Our Nursery 2 programme invites children to start to communicate their ideas, opinions and knowledge to other, as they begin to embark on deeper investigations through inquiry based unit learning together. They also…

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  • Kindergarten 1

    Kindergarten 1

    In our Kindergarten 1 programme, we continue to facilitate children’s curious minds, allowing them to discover and explore as they build their knowledge. They begin to take on a more active role in their learning, making key…

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  • Kindergarten 2

    Kindergarten 2

    Our Kindergarten 2 programme prepares our children to be ready for Primary Schooling. We provide a strong foundation for all our children as we equip them with the skills necessary for a seamless transition for Primary Schooling.

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