Our Team

Our Team

Lily Valley Preschool is driven by a team of passionate, qualified and well-experienced early childhood educators that embodies Lily Valley’s philosophy and core values. Collaboration, creativity and a sense of community spirit are some of the key values ​​of our team. We look forward to designing out of the box learning through PLAY and experiences to redefine pedagogy and learning for children and families.

Our team also consists of art, music specialists as well as our in house chef who will prepare nutritious meals for the children daily at our school.





Meet our Staff

My Warmest Greetings to all our Parents and Families!

I am honoured to be part of this journey with Lily Valley Preschool, and to be able to contribute and build up an innovative and collaborative school community with all our parents and children on this exciting journey ahead.

With more than 11 years of teaching, professional development, pedagogy and management experience in local and international preschools in United States, Mexico and Singapore, I am looking forward to share my knowledge and passion in the Early Childhood Field with my team and all of you. My previous experiences working in Reggio Inspired schools and International Baccuelerate PYP Schools, has also enabled me to be able to travel, share my global teaching and coordinating experiences with my fellow educators, children and families around the world.

Mrs Shyan Campos
Mrs Shyan Campos

I believe in building close partnerships and participation with families, teachers and children, designing the environment as the third teacher with purposeful materials and the pedagogy of play in the development of children in the early years. Educating from the heart is also one of the key principles that I uphold as an early years educator as I teach, interact with children and families daily.

In this new year ahead, I look forward to partnering together for Lily Valley Preschool to become a place where children become 21st Century Global Learners, ready to face the demands of our ever changing world. I look forward to our continuous partnership and interacting toward a common purpose; the building of a school which respects childhood as a time to explore, create and be playful!

Yours Sincerely,
Mrs Shyan Campos Preschool Principal,
Lily Valley Preschool