Building a Shared Vision and Mission

“All children have the rights to experience that value and build upon their unique capabilities. This includes the rights to an education that lays a solid foundation for the rest of their lives, their rights to play, their rights to be active participants in matters affecting their lives.” (United Nations, 1989).

Building a Shared Vision and MissionLily

Our Vision

At Lily Valley, we aim to create a shared vision to build a joyful school community for children where they have a voice. A child is seen as an active agent of change and participant, with rights to play as a form of learning.

We look forward to transform education through consensus and transparency by the community using technology.

Our goal is to develop and equip children with the skills, resilience and experiences that will enable them to become future ready.

We collaborate to create a strong shared image of the child, amongst the school community, where we acknowledge children as competent, capable thinkers and communicators (Gandini & Pope- Edwards, 2001). Young children are able to enact experiences that hold meaning and relevance to their lives.

Our Vision


Our Mission

To create an image of the school as a site of democratic and participative action, where respectful and responsive relationships amongst the school community are formed.

Parents and families are welcomed as partners and decision makers with the whole school community in building up a strong sense of responsibility towards the school.

To reposition and repurpose a strong image of the early years educator who is one that acts on democratic and social justice principles. An image of an early childhood educator who listens to children, understands and values ​​diversity amongst living and learning from different cultures. An educator whose relationships are embedded in the lives of families, communities and societies.

Our mission is to build a setting that cultivates a sustainable future for learning and living for children. This can be embarked on a shared learning journey together with children, teachers and parents.

Our Mission