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Toddlers (18 months to 2 years)

In our toddler class, our educators focus on developing toddlers in different key developmental milestones such as self help skills, gross motor development and social emotional development. Using the languages of play as the central mode for exploring and investigating, toddlers begin to learn to express themselves, recognize the names of familiar people and objects, form simple phrases and sentences, and follow simple instructions and directions. Through the sharing of stories, songs and rhymes by educators, toddlers also start to develop interest in literacy and numbers around them. Through lots of sensory such as sand, water, paint and messy play experiences, children also learn to express themselves, self-regulate their emotions and form beginning friendships with their peers in school.


Nursery 1

Nursery 1 (3 Years)

As the children from toddler class transit to Nursery 1, they will become more independent and begin to focus more on developing friendships with their peers. They will want to explore more and also ask questions about the things around them. Our educators will design a lot of hands-on learning experiences that will encourage the children’s active participation during the inquiry unit learning.

There is a focus on children’s interest, when educators provide and allow opportunities for them to ask questions and find answers through investigation, experimentation and exploration. At this stage, we also help children develop their phonological awareness skills through our integrated literacy curriculum. Through phonological songs and our Language Experience Approach, educators work closely with children to establish authentic learning experiences. We also seek to make learning collaborative and engaging for our Nursery One children.


Nursery 2 (4 Years)

Our Nursery 2 programme invites children to start to communicate their ideas, opinions and knowledge to other, as they begin to embark on deeper investigations through inquiry based unit learning together. They also engage in constructive questioning and problem solving as they develop key concepts, knowledge and discovery about the world around them. The Nursery 2 programme also supports the development of a child’s curious and inquiring mindset, as we scaffold children towards taking on a more independent and active role in their own learning.

Nursery 2

The key focus in our Nursery 2 programme also focuses on building a strong foundation in literacy and mathematical skills before they move on to the Kindergarten programme. As such, our Nursery 2 programme will continue to provide a strong foundation in the fundamentals of language learning through phonological awareness, building vocabulary and forming letters as well as numeracy skills. The children’s learning is also integrated with the use of technology and robotics in class, as they demonstrate their understanding of Science, Technology and Engineering through experimentation.


Kindergarten 1

K1 (5 Years Old)

In our Kindergarten 1 programme, we continue to facilitate children’s curious minds, allowing them to discover and explore as they build their knowledge. They begin to take on a more active role in their learning, making key decisions in class projects as well as giving back to the community.

As children progress towards the Kindergarten 1 level, we aim to provide them with the confidence and autonomy in expressing themselves and their knowledge. At this stage, we begin engaging in a progressive curriculum towards Kindergarten 1 such that it readily prepares our children for their next phase in school. Our Kindergarten 1 programme includes more complex phonetic systems, individualised reading program and developing a stronger number sense foundation (addition, subtraction, number bonds), as well as writing sentences integrated with their inquiry unit learning. They are also encouraged to take part in design thinking experiences integrated with experiential learning through various digital art forms.


K2 (6 Years Old)

Our Kindergarten 2 programme prepares our children to be ready for Primary Schooling. We provide a strong foundation for all our children as we equip them with the skills necessary for a seamless transition for Primary Schooling.

Kindergarten 2

The transition to Primary school is an important part in a child’s preschool years, as their ability to meet the challenges will have a significant impact on their overall schooling experience in the next phase. In the Kindergarten 2 program, active learning, questioning, group projects , global affairs, issues are an integral part of our programme as we encourage children to be confident and lifelong learners.

There is also a transition to Primary School program, which will help equip the kindergarten two children with skills, attitudes and knowledge in helping them move into Primary Schooling.



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