Admission and Enrollment

School Fees for PN/N1/N2/K1/K2

School Fees for PN/N1/N2/K1/K2

Registration Procedures:

  • If you are interested to register your child, please do contact us at and our admissions team will be in touch with you shortly.
  • To secure a space for your child, parents will need to pay the registration fee as well as deposit of 1 Full month school fees before subsidy.
  • The minimum age criterion for admission to Lily Valley Preschool for Playgroup is 18 months.

Documents to be prepared and submitted at the point of registration:

  1. Lily Valley Preschool Registration Form with 2 child passport size photographs.
  2. ECDA Form 1
  3. ECDA for 1A/1B/1C
  4. Child’s Birth Certificate/Entry/ReEntry/ Passport or other identification
  5. Child Health Booklet/ Immunisation Records
  6. Mother NRIC/Entry/Re-entry/ Passport or other identification
  7. Father NRIC/Entry/Re-entry/ Passport or other identification
  8. Mother/Single Father’s letter of Employment or Current Pay Slip
  9. Acknowledgement slip of Parents Handbook
  10. Giro Application Form and CDA Statement of Account if applicable


For Foreigners – additional documents to be submitted:

  1. A copy of your child’s Dependant’s Pass / Long-Term Visit Pass / Student’s Pass / Passport
  2. A copy of both parents’ Employment Pass / Dependant’s Pass / Passport


Foreign Student Applying for Student’s Pass

A foreigner who wishes to study in Lily Valley Preschool requires a Student’s Pass unless he/she is a holder of a Dependant’s Pass (DP) or an Immigration Exemption Order (IEO) issued by the Immigration Checkpoints Authority (ICA).

Both Lily Valley Preschool and a foreign student registered at Lily Valley Preschool are required to apply for the Student’s Pass electronically via ICA’s SOLAR+ system.

For more details on Student’s Pass applications, please refer to ICA’s website.

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