Parent Participation

“Participation is the identity of being a school. These values ​​are something we continuously discuss around the concept of our being an educating community or a learning community. We are continually discussing these questions because the society changes and the family changes, and we must continue to discuss and be in solidarity with the families and contemporary aspects of the society.“

Elena Maccaferri, 2017


Fostering a culture of participation and communication in the schoolFostering a culture of participation and communication in the school

At Lily Valley, we adopt the principles and beliefs of the Reggio Emilia Approach that the school should be formed on the strong participation and support of family, parents and community with our staff. This will help to form a collaborative, amicable school community built on common values ​​and beliefs. Parents and family members are valued and invited to participate actively in a child’s educational experience at our school.


We invite parents to join us in the following initiatives:

Parenting Workshops and Community Events
Parenting Workshops and Community Events
Parent Forum/Quorum
A Parent Forum/Quorum where parents can contribute daily with their thoughts, opinion and feedback about general matters of the school as well as the children’s development.
Parent Volunteers
Parent Volunteers in community building clubs and field trips
Environmental and Learning
The creation of environmental and learning areas in our school
Curriculum Initiatives
The development of curriculum initiatives and ideas
Contributing to decisions
Contributing to decisions and parent surveys that leads and contributes to children’s learning and development
Taking part in year end exhibitions and concert preparations.


Building and Strengthening Family Engagement through regular communication.

Weekly Development StoriesWeekly Development Stories : Photos, videos and audio of your child’s learning and play experiences. Class Group stories: Images and videos of your child’s interaction with other children and educators. Special moments and Event Photos: Key moments in your child’s development, birthdays or fun activities like drawing or gardening outdoors!


Event reminders: Notices about important events at the centre, school event photos educational sessions or parenting webinars. Tips for Parents: Our staff will provide regular tips on how they can extend their child’s learning at home in order to bridge home school connections and learning. Virtual Workshops for Parents and Families are in the plan as well!Event reminders