The Environment

The Environment as the third teacher at Lily Valley

As you enter our preschool, you will enter an architect curated PLAY environment that is purposefully designed to reflect our values ​​and beliefs on the strong image of the child and families as part of our school community. The environment is rich and flexible to learning, equipped with purposefully selected materials which encourages children to experiment, act and express themselves. Spaces and classrooms around the school allow the children to communicate with each other and allow fluidity of movement towards different spaces and specialised learning ateliers.

There are various zones and specialised ateliers in the environment, which supports play for children as well as quiet time for relaxation and rest. Our beliefs of bringing nature indoors interwined with our spaces, allow children to connect with the natural world around us. In line with Singapore’s garden in a city concept, it allows for re-engagement of children with the natural world around them with the development of eco literacy and conservation. There is a concept of sustainability in design, architecture and the use of up cycled materials for the school in children’s play.

Lily Valley Family Co Working Space
Specialised Ateliers for Investigation and Exploration
The Light Atelier
Digital Landscape and Tinker Atelier
Art Atelier Space at Lily Valley
Art Atelier ~ The Languages ​​of Art
The Languages ​​of Food Kitchen Atelier
The Languages ​​of Food Kitchen Atelier